Saturday, January 28, 2017

Being Happy - A state of existence not philosophy

Being Happy is a state of oneself and not the goal itself - Sadhguru

- Everything is my responsibility so I will do everything willingly.  Always remember that you are responsible for everything and you have unlimited responses but with limited actions. Unlimited responsibility means state of love for everyone it does not necessarily mean desired action. Love for child will make you hug him or kiss him but this same action will not be true for your neighbor or someone else. Unlimited responsibility will remove the element of irritation or frustration on why you will do everything willingly.

- Respond consciously to everything rather than compulsive reaction. Consciously respond to everything you do, eat, drink

- My ability to respond is limitless

- Everything should be done with complete attention or care as things that you think are irrelevant might not be correct. A speck in a book is equally important like every other alphabet.

- Life is for living, Grave is any which ways waiting. Look at the moon and fall in love, you can be in state of love of everything around and everyone as it is the inner state

This moment is eternity as it was never before and it will never be. This moment is unique and only occurs once in eternity. The entire creation and cosmos is in this moment right now, the Creator is also in this moment and cannot be anywhere else not in past not in future but in this moment. So this is the moment the tiniest speck of time where entire creation and Creator is present which is an open doorway. If you are sitting right now can it be any other way in this moment. The next moment you can be standing but this moment it is just this way. It cannot be any other way. This is moment by moment awareness.

You are happy because if you get what you want right now, so if you want glass of water and you get it, you are happy right now. Or if you want money right now and it is there right now you are happy, in other words if what is there is what you want you are happy. So happiness is because not that a child is born or getting married but because completely accepting with 100% what is there right now. So, accepting what is there completely means happiness is the only way. Simply accept completely what is there now as it cannot be any other way.

You can only plan the future but no one has ever seen it so you never know what is in next moment. You are already miserable about 2 months later and suffering the past. These does not exist anywhere in creation but only in mind. So what you suffering is does exist right now

If the Creator created you and you believe there is a Creator then why do you question how your life should be. He knows better on how life should be so simply leave the situations to him and accept what is there now. You believe in God and then you tell him how your life should be is simply ridiculous.